Cover of novel: 10,000 Dawns Poor Man's Illiad

Copy Edit / Proofread

10,000 Dawns: Poor Man's Iliad

I met writer James Wylder a few years back when he inquired about doing a reading in my bookstore. The book he was promoting at the time was An Eloquence of Time and Space—a Doctor Who poetry book. Of course, I immediately said yes even though the bookstore is teeny tiny.

About a year later, James again got in touch to ask if I’d like to contribute to his science fiction anthology. Of course, I immediately said yes even though I had never before written sci-fi.

One of the things I admire about James is his ambition. The 10,000 Dawns anthology soon had some big name contributors and had grown too big to fit in one book. This, it turns out, was fortuitous for me. James had to adjust his time frame to accommodate the new scope of the project and it lined up nicely with the end of the editing program I was taking. I let James know I’d finished the program and if he needed extra eyes mine were available. He immediately said yes even though he had nothing to go on but my word that I could do it.

Poor Man’s Iliad became the first big project of my editing career. And what a great way to start! The anthology had five editors working on forty plus stories written by sixteen authors. I worked as a copy editor on some stories and as a proofreader on others depending on what James needed done. The calibre and variety of stories made this project an absolute delight to work on, and the challenge of ensuring consistency in world-building details across stories by different authors was a welcome one.

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