Clovis Editorial

Helping authors publish with confidence

You've written a novel and want to take the next step.

First off, congratulations! You’ve accomplished something truly wonderful. But the work isn’t over yet.

While spending all that time writing and revising, you probably thought about what you want to get out of your novel. Maybe you want to self-publish, or publish traditionally, or just clean your novel up and have a few copies printed for friends and family. These are all admirable goals and they all have the same next step: editing.

That’s where I come in.

As a specialist fiction editor, I am trained to provide you with critical feedback on your project. A fresh set of eyes and an unbiased opinion will help you discern why certain aspects of your novel may not work the way you intended. Suggestions on how to strengthen your story, improve your flow, and round out your characters are some of the ways I can help you ensure your novel is ready to put out in the world.

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