Genevieve Clovis editor and owner of Clovis Editorial. Genevieve smiling at the camera.

Genevieve Clovis

With an abiding love of the written word, I am a passionate novel editor, writing coach, and author. I pride myself on being prompt without sacrificing accuracy or thoroughness. I approach every project with an open-mind, and dedicate myself to improving your writing while maintaining your vision and voice.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, I specialize in fiction editing and have a particular fondness for the fantasy, horror, science fiction, and young adult genres. I primarily work on novels and short stories.

As a member of Editors Canada, I constantly strive to improve my skills as a novel editor to ensure I am providing the best possible service.

How I Became an Editor

Once upon a time I had vague aspirations of being a fantasy writer Interior photo of Cliffside Village Booksand a very clear dream of owning a secondhand bookstore. These jobs, I knew, were not the most lucrative, and probably wouldn’t be achieved until retirement, but I didn’t much care. The heart wants what it wants, and my heart was willing to wait.

Needing to pass the time until retirement, I did the most logical thing I could think of: I went to college and became an Outdoor Adventure Naturalist. It’s not as weird as it sounds... or maybe it’s weirder. Either way, it made perfect sense to me. I have always loved the outdoors. I have also always loved fantasy, and immersing myself in the wilderness struck me as a brilliant way to get experience and inspiration to write some great fantasy stories.

I headed off around the world for a few good years of work, exploration, and adventure. Then one day I found myself back in Canada, thinking about other jobs to keep me fed while I wrote things and to tide me over until retirement allowed me to start my bookstore. This is when I realized I did not need to be retired to have a bookstore, followed by the further realization that I didn't need to start a bookstore; I could probably just buy one. Thirty seconds and a Google search later I found there were two secondhand bookstores for sale near where I lived. I only bought one of them.

Being in the bookstore inspired me to read more and to write more. Working six-day weeks and hosting evening writing groups wasn’t enough. I enrolled in an editing program and discovered I love editing as much as I love reading and writing. And here I am today.

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Education and Professional Development

  • Editing Certificate Program (George Brown College)
  • Developmental Editing Fiction Theory (Liminal Pages)
  • Developmental Editing in Practice (Liminal Pages)
  • Working with Indie Authors (Tanya Gold)
  • Deep Dive Into Building Inclusive Worlds (Writing the Other)
  • Editorial Toolkit: Coaching Writers (Club Ed)

Types of Projects I've Worked On

  • Fantasy Novels and Anthologies
  • Horror Novels and Anthologies
  • Science Fiction Novels and Anthologies
  • Speculative Fiction Novels
  • Young Adult Novels
  • Short Stories

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