Genevieve Clovis is an editor and a secondhand bookstore owner, but she’s also a writer because she obviously doesn’t have enough book-related things going on in her life. Publishing was never at the top of her priority list. In fact, the biggest motivating factors for publishing anything were:

  1. to satisfy the members of her writer’s groups who wanted to see her work in print, and
  2. to understand the hurdles her editing clients would face when publishing, so she could ensure they understood what was still ahead of them and maybe provide some helpful resources.

Genevieve’s debut novel, Tea and the Transcendent, has been out in the world spreading joy and possible confusion since December 2022. Tea and the Transcendent is a humorous, supernatural fantasy novel in stories that has been described as “demon-cozy” by one fan and “like curling up in a big blanket on a cold night” by another.

Tea and the Transcendent cover image. A teacup embellished with a cat. The stream rising from the teacup forms the shape of a skull.

Tea and the Transcendent:

Nova‑Marie is a medium with a big heart and questionable work ethics. If she had it her way, she and her best friend, Elliot, would just drink tea, hang out, and let the supernatural beasties go about their business. But, as much as she wishes otherwise, Nova‑Marie doesn’t always get her way.

Supernatural activity is on the rise.

They have no idea what’s causing it, and Nova‑Marie doesn’t care to find out. Not even when a ghost, a demon, and a púca move in with her. But when some aggressive demon hunters come to town and mess with her neighbourhood, ignoring things may no longer be an option. If Nova‑Marie wants to keep the peace and keep her friends alive (or dead, as the case may be), she may actually have to get off her butt and do something about it.

Tea and the Transcendent will be available for purchase at Cliffside Village Books and also on Amazon. Genevieve once thought about setting up a shop page, but it was entirely too much effort. If you'd like to purchase a copy from her directly but can't make it into her bookstore, here's a link you should definitely click.

You're still here? Go click the link! Fine. Read some more about the book:

Tea and the Transcendent began as a single story that Genevieve wrote to entertain her best friend. Then she had the brilliant idea to write a couple more and give them to her bestie as a Christmas gift. The plan was to write eight stories, but things got out of hand.

With so much material to work with, Genevieve decided to try her hand at a novel in stories. Her friend was going through a rough reading patch and had a very short attention span. This was a complaint Genevieve had heard from many of her bookstore customers. She wanted to address that niche. A novel in stories, she decided, was a great in-between option. Readers who are in a bit of a slump can pick it up, read a single story, and not feel guilty about putting it down for a while. They also won’t be confused when they pick it back up to read the next one, because each story contains all the details needed to understand what’s going on. Having an overarching plot between stories seemed like a great way to make it all hang together and still appeal to the novel readers out there.

Admittedly, it’s a weird little book. But maybe you’ll like it anyways?