What My Clients Say

James Wylder

"Genevieve’s work helped strengthen my prose, and made stories I was already proud of even better. After spending years of work on a book, knowing that its prose was in her hands was a relief. She’s one of the best editors I’ve worked with, and on top of that comes into the job and with a friendly and professional demeanor, which makes the frantic work of publishing nicer, and also smoother. Her proofreading work is meticulous, and she caught mistakes in works that had already seen passes by other proofreaders. I’ll be coming back to Genevieve’s work in the future, you can count on that."

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Rowan Williams

"Genevieve was incredible! As a retail manager, I don’t have very much practice with my writing skills. When I was asked to write a reference letter for an employee attempting to get into a very prestigious programme, I didn’t want to let her down with my awkward writing. Genevieve took my choppy and scattered letter and helped create a smooth finished product. Genevieve was able to keep my voice while giving my letter a polished, comprehensible, glowing recommendation. The turnaround was amazing as well! Genevieve had the edited letter back to me with time to spare!"

Joanne Taylor

"Genevieve’s edits to several of my picture books have been invaluable. After the first batch I gave her, she advised me to not limit myself to only the stories I liked. I took her advice and had her edit a few that I had tucked away. One of those stories has now been requested by an agent! I will definitely work with Genevieve again in the future."