How Do I Find the Right Editor?

You’re on my blog, so the good news is you have already found an editor. Congrats!

The bad news is just because you’ve found me doesn’t mean we are a good match.

Just as not everybody plays well together, not everybody works well together. The goal isn’t to find any editor, it’s to find the right editor for you.

First You Need to Find a Group of Editors

A good place to start is by searching editing society directories. Here’s a list of a few of them:

Ensure the Editor Works in Your Genre

If you clicked any of those links, you’ll see that there are a lot of editors to choose from.

Narrow down your options by searching for people who specialize in what you’ve written. I specialize in editing novels, so if you’ve written an essay, I’m probably not the best editor for it.

You can take this a step further: I specialize in editing fantasy novels. If your novel is a romance, consider looking elsewhere.

Get a Feel for The Editor’s Style

Let’s say you have written a fantasy novel. That’s great, that’s my specialty! But wait, we still need to figure out if we’ll play well together. Reading through an editor’s website and blog is a good way to get a feel for their style. If you like what you read, it might be worth getting in touch.

Ask for a Sample Edit

You’ll likely want to know how much an edit will cost. Many editors will want to see a sample of your writing. A sample edit will let you see what you’ll get, and helps the editor determine how much work your novel needs (which in turn informs their quote).

Shop Around

One final note, don’t be afraid to shop around. Get in touch with multiple editors to find the right one. It’s okay, we know you’re doing it and we understand why. Often, we encourage it. Just be respectful of our time.

If you know you aren’t going to choose a particular editor, don’t bother asking for a sample edit (they’re time consuming) or getting answers to a bunch of industry questions and then never speaking to us again (editors have feelings too).

If you’re still uncertain where to start looking, let me know in the comments. Good luck on your hunt to find the right editor!

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